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The Reasonable Realism Wiki[]

Reasonable Realism is a set of small mods that make small changes to Minecraft that makes the world more interesting, more dangerous, and a little bit harder by making things just a little bit more real. This realism is kept in check by being reasonable for gameplay as well as ease of coding, so nothing is realistic for the sake of being realistic: you still craft without tools, you still smelt iron in the same furnace you cook food in and punching trees still gives you wood. Instead other hazards are added, features included to round out the world at large, or tweaked so that the increased realism makes for fun and challenging gameplay. For the most part the progression is straight forward and understandable without the need for a wiki, as the in-game achievements will offer plenty of tips, but the mods' features are explained in greater detail here for reference, including crafting recipes for every block and item, for those that don't play with NEI or TMI.

Be sure to check out the config files after installing!  There's tons of options for tweaking the mods to your desired playstyle.  Most of the defaults are generally good out of the box, but everyone's different.  When I play, I tend to tweak things up a notch, making it a tad harsher.

Draco18sApril 7, 2015 (UTC)

The Mods[]

Harder Ores

Harder Wildlife / Harder Farming

Harder Underground (1.7 only)

Expanded Industry