This page handles the usage and setup for the "container sluice" which is avaiable only by changing the default config option.

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Start by building a water channel, you will need it to be 7 blocks from the source, then drop down a level, then a block later, drop down again.  There must be room for a new water source block below the sluice.
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Place the sluice down in the open space below the water.
2016-02-08 19.28.37
Water should fill the lower channel.
2016-02-08 19.28.52
Open the gui and add sand or gravel to the sluice's input slot.
2016-02-08 19.29.08
The dirt will get added to the material counter and the sluice will begin filtering.


The comparator GUI is fairly simple.  On the right is the output "finds" which will hold the chunks or dusts that the sluice filters out.  On the left is the material input slot (accepts sand and gravel), the material count as an integer (each block is worth 10 material), the current filter operation's progress bar (the water will flow down the sluice icon), and the "overload" meter (the colored bar).  A triangular pointer will indicate the current material overflow rating (see below).

2016-02-08 19.43.05

Sluice with 1600 material and comparator output, along with overflow blocks heading downstream.

At small material counts, the sluice is most efficient, processing and filtering each unit of material supplied (blue level).  At higher counts, such as shown at the right, material starts overflowing the sluice and going downstream.  As the material counter gets higher, this opperation is less and less efficient, although for most setups are unlikely to reach the worst performing teirs.

As the sluice will suck up blocks that come from an upstream source, this can be an easy way to chain multiple sluices together, although each will need to be 8 blocks away horizontally and 2 blocks lower than the last.  Between 320 and 640 units of material, there is no loss, all material that overflows will pop out in block form (green level).  640-1208 sees a 25% loss (yellow, 6 of every 8 blocks flow downstream), 1280-5120 sees a 37.5% loss (orange, 10 of every 16), and over 5120 sees a  46.875% loss (red, 34 of every 64).  Lost material is unrecoverable.

Comparator OutputEdit

The container sluice supports comparator output values.

2016-02-08 19.42.53
The sluice by default has comparator output that is based on the amount of material it currently has.
2016-02-08 19.43.32
Powering the sluice will switch it to "finds" mode, displaying the percentage of its inventory that is full of items.  In this case, it has none.
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